About Joanne  

How did I get here?? Experiencing the death of my brother when I was eight years old, led me on the path of "Why".  I wanted to know why he died, why we are here, and what my purpose was.  I shot prayer after prayer and question after question up to the universe, and my life since then has guided me on an amazing journey to find the answers.  I started my career in the hospitaity industry, where I worked in front office, hotel management, training and human resources management. I am also a scuba diving instructor and a yoga & meditation teacher.  All of these skills together allowed me to travel as I searched to find the answers I was looking for.   My pilgrimage so to speak had me traverse most of Australia, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, The Carribean, Peru, Bolivia and USA.

I have found the answers I searched for as a child, and of course as a philosopher of life, I now keep searching for more universal knowledge and wisdom. 


Since returning to Australia in 1999 I wanted to help others find balance in their lives, and hence started my business, Balanced Life Training and Development. Through my self designed course "A Balanced Life", I facilitated workshops for corporations, network providers, high shools, small businesses, Hotel chains and the public. The course content helping people to take a look at their current life balance, and guiding them as they made small changes towards their personal fulfillment and life satisfaction. 

I have continually studied my whole life, and after meeting my beautiful Husband Brad Mensforth, I stepped towards learning more about Metaphsyics and Philosophy.  This new knowledge resulted in me absolutely knowing that we are not alone on earth as we walk towards our life purpose.  We are connected to life and if we choose, can be guided every step of the way. 

I now have three beautiful girls, Bellajade, Takara and Kali.  They are the joys of my life, and teach me more about parenting and myself everyday.  As I stepped into the role of motherhood, my career also stepped into a more nurturing role of Holistic Life Coach, Writer, Reiki Master Teacher and Meditation & Relaxation Teacher and recording artist. 

I sit here now having produced two amazing meditation and relaxation CD's which I hope you'll love, and I'm getting ready to record my first CD for children.  I write for WellBeing Australia and Australian Natural Health Magazine and love the opportunity to write about life and guide others towards self-fulfillment. 

The future.  Well it's great. I will continue to follow my inner knowing towards peaceful harmony and joy in my life. Every vision I have will come true and I know my dreams will appear as absolute miracles, as they always do. 

 It just keeps getting more and more interesting. Everyone I meet is my teacher, and I'm forever grateful for the knowledge. 



Doctoral Degree of  Philosophy Ph.D. specialising in Holistic Life Coaching 

Dissertation: Darkness to Light.   A study into the use of metaphysical principles to help people move from their current life or worry, stress and unhappiness to a life of self-love, purpose and inner peace.    

Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science

Thesis: Mindful Parenting.  The pre-conception to toddler years are the most important years for developing a child's sense of self-esteem and mental happiness.  Mindful parenting is guiding parents to build emotional stability and strength for their child, whilst bringing joy and self-love to the parent.  

Degree in Metaphysical Science  

Practitioners Diploma in Metaphysics  

Reiki Master Teacher

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Associate Diploma in Business (Hospitality)  

Diploma in Business (Human Resource Management)  

Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment  

Cert IV in Business (Front Line Management)  

Workplace Health and Safety Officer – WHSO  

Workplace Rehabilitation Officer  



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